Monday, January 10, 2011

Students exhibit innovative models at social-science fest

Ever thought of growing mushrooms in your backyard in a stack of hay, using helmets with LED lights, using your ordinary camera for high definition photography or visualising our city in the next ten years. These were some of the innovative ideas that the students demonstrated in campus at the Social and Science exhibition here on Monday. The two-day fest which began on Monday witnessed many participants with over 130 exhibits from the natural science and physical science departments, humanities section and the Hindi department.

One of the exhibits ‘ethno cultural plants from the North East’ had a variety of medicinal plants found in the North East region of the country. “We got the plants from our place and had a little difficulty in preserving them as they do not get adjusted to the Bangalore weather very easily,” said Thomas Tulgnung of II CBBT.

“Many people are not aware of our culture and traditions. By putting up an apparel stall we want the students to identify our culture and traditions. Apparel is a way for people recognise others and their cultures,” said Sonam, II BSW who was part of the Tibetan and North East apparel stall.

The exhibition showcased some very unique ideas like growing mushrooms in your garden, high definition photography, G-MET stall which showed how to connect your helmet to a global positioning system (GPS).

“It was very pleasant to see students putting in so much of effort and come up with so many innovative ideas. Even though their ideas may not work in the long run, to see students work so hard is very pleasing,” said Dr Koppikar, department of Chemistry.


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