Monday, February 7, 2011

Admissions 2011-12

Principal's Note:
Come April-May, It’s the beginning of admissions at college. In the case of students who have delayed results, we do accommodate them after the results provided they meet the standards of the college. When one makes a choice for a college, one may have several reasons. Why should one opt for St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore? What is unique about us? There are certain facts available about the college in the print media. Those facts may not fully explain what we are. Whether we are rated as a reputed college or not, we are a nationally renowned college for Arts and Sciences with international standards. Several of our students annually make it to state and national civil services, reputed institutes and competitive programmes. We continue to have an edge over other colleges of the state and the country in Arts and Sciences. The following are some of our unique characteristics.

College has been tried, tested and trusted: For the last 129 years, the nation and the state has tried, tested and trusted St. Joseph’s as an institution of higher learning. We impart a very high standard of education. Generations of students have come here and have been convinced that there is no place like St. Joseph’s if one has to have an education based on excellence. Unlike other institutions, we define excellence very differently. For us excellence is a part of forming persons of competence, compassion and conscience who could turn into agents of change in society. That is why while we insist on a high level of academics, we want all our students to be involved in the total life of the college – cultural, sports and games, NCC, NSS and other activities of social concern. While acquiring knowledge is one part of formation, we expect all our students to develop appropriate skills and attitudes for life and living. We are also trusted because we are innovative and change year after year without being the same.

We stand for Universalism: We have a unique philosophy of education. We are a catholic institution. To be catholic is to be universal. To be universal is to include everyone. While we place a premium on merit, merit defined in terms of both human and academic qualities, we are equally sensitive to students who come from far and near, from subaltern and marginalized communities. No nation can develop if access is not provided to the discriminated and the excluded. As a Jesuit institution, established for the education of catholic students, we include all without distinction of caste, class and community with a preferential option for the poor. When an institution includes the excluded, the college becomes a reflection of the country making it a miniature India. Another aspect that makes St. Joseph’s universal is that we have students from every part of the country and 14 countries of South Asia. All live here as members of one human family with respect for others and learn from each other.

We are an Autonomous College: Autonomy has provided the college the right to frame its own syllabi and conduct its own internal and semester examinations. Departments to a large extent develop their own specific and individual curriculum, driven by the needs of society and the important questions that are raised on issues. Education here is more than getting acquainted with various domains of scholarship. Students are encouraged to think beyond the subjects and to develop interdisciplinary ways of thinking. The ability to think creatively and critically ‘outside the box’, always grounded in a solid basis of knowledge, is an important competence for life and to further professional careers. Education here is rigorous. The college is not meant for the unmotivated and the mediocre. Those who desire to have only fun without commitment to academics would find it difficult to survive in our campus for long. The internal assessment component is an important one. If one is unable to pass in the internal assessment, the individual is ineligible to proceed to the semester examination. Similarly if a minimum number of subjects are not cleared in every semester, students are ineligible for promotion to the next semester. What the college expects from every student is hard work, regularity, punctuality, perseverance and commitment to studies. More than students with highest marks, the college invites students who have a determination to work hard.

We are Multi-cultural: There are students from every nook and corner of India here as well as 14 South Asian countries. Students bring in diversity with regard to ethnicity, region, talents, experiences, lifestyles and learning styles, religions, mother tongues, and social and cultural backgrounds. This rich diversity offers plenty of opportunity for intercultural encounter, deepening of intercultural understanding, and for friendships across the region, community, languages and religion. The diversity in cultural, linguistic and geographical backgrounds of the students is often presented in the campus in cultural and social programmes, meets and festivals.

We are a college of learners: Learning is at the center of all education. Teaching is to facilitate learning. Our teachers are academically competent and human. You can approach them at any time of the day. They are conscious of their role as guides to assist students in their search. Students write papers, give presentations, lead discussions about reading materials, engage in debate, work on assignments in small groups and analyze data. They receive feedback on their work in order to improve their academic skills and levels of understanding. After each test, papers are returned to the students.We have a mentor system and each class has a mentor. Students receive guidance from mentors.

We stand for Excellence: ‘Eagerness to excel’ is part and parcel of the college culture. Most students pass out with first class or distinction. The graduates of the college are accepted into highly selective masters’ programs both in India and abroad. Our teachers too excel. Most have doctorates and some have research projects to direct. Many guide doctorates. We are equally connected to the larger issues of society. Students participate in rallies and protests, discussions and debates. Excellence is enhanced by a creative, critical and self-critical attitude of all involved, an open atmosphere, and quality assurance at all levels. Students lift overall trophies in several college competitions in cultural activities. We have teams that excel in sports and games as well. Hockey, Football, Basketball, Cricket and all other games are fostered. Many students play for the university.

We are student-centric: St. Joseph’s calls itself an academic community, where it is considered normal to work hard and aspire to do well in academics. Students organize many extracurricular activities that give an extra dimension to education: lectures, performances, debates, literary and cultural festivals, community outreach activities, participation in academic, cultural, sports and games form a crucial part of life here. We have a daily newspaper, a monthly newsletter and an annual. Departments have their own publications. Everyone in the campus is engaged.

Our goal is to impart high quality knowledge with skills and attitudes and mould students to live in society as mature and conscious citizens. If you are serious about excelling in academics and desire to grow into a human person of concern and compassion, St. Joseph’s might be the right place for you. Apply early and do not miss out on your chance of becoming a Josephite.

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